1) Please go to the toilet before the start of training.

2) If you are late for class, kneel at edge of mat, do Shi Rei and wait for Sensei to bow you in.

3) No jewellery to be worn whilst training, any rings that cannot be removed should be covered in tape.

4) Finger and toenails should be kept clean and short.

5) Hands and feet should be clean before training.

6) Gi must be clean and in good condition.

7) Please keep talking to the very minimum.

8) Do not teach any or discuss any techniques learnt in the Dojo to non-members.

9) All students will assist in the tidiness and upkeep of the Dojo.

10) If bringing a new student to the Dojo, please introduce them to Sensei as soon as possible.

11) All fees must be paid on time.

12) Before grading students have to have permission from their Sensei.

13) All students must follow the basic rules of personal hygiene, bathe/shower regularly.

14) Please tie long hair back securely.

15) Be respectful to your partners whilst training, they are trusting you not to injure them, if you do make a mistake and make unnecessary contact please say you are sorry “Sumimasen, gomen nasai”.

16) Martial Arts as taught within EnsoKan Horin Dojo with a family feeling, thereby treat each other with respect and courtesy as brothers and sisters, work hard and give each other good practise, but pay attention to safety.


Engyo Kenkyukai Horin Dojo reserves the right to ask any individual to leave the Dojo/organisation if the individual does not observe the rules.