We recommend that when your child starts at the Dojo you mark all their training clothing with their initials, there are many children who come through our doors and it’s common for or them to drop or forget things. All items found will be kept in the Dojo office to claim.


It’s perfectly normal for children to be a little anxious when coming for the first few classes. It is a new environment for them, especially when you are leaving them alone. Don’t worry; we are very experienced with making new students feel at ease. Before long they will be eager to come along.


The martial arts will soon become part of your child’s life; together we are developing many positive attributes for your child’s future. It is not uncommon for children to occasionally show lack of interest in their training. Please contact us to let us know of the situation we have helpful hints to help improve this. Remember if you allow them to stop they will lose our on the benefits martial arts has in store for them. As parents, we must often decide what is best for our children’s futures. By making the martial arts a permanent part of their lives, rather than just an extracurricular activity, we are establishing traits that will ensure their future.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask any of the Black Belt Instructors.